July 27 Updates 07/27/2008

Thank you very much for your help and support. With all your invaluable contribution, as of today, we have raised an amount of USD 7068 through the website and some more amount in India which was made to Chinus' Account in the Hospital or donations made to the family personally.

Chinu is still in the hospital and the bone marrow is not yet active.
It will take a week more for the new Bone Marrow to start producing the new cells and some more time for the immune system to build up.

July 20 Updates: 07/21/2008

Chinu had here Bone Marrow Transplant on the 14th of July. The doctors carried out the tranplant after it was ascertained that the excessive WBC had been cleared. The Transplant procedure was successful. After the transplant her younger brother( donor) was discharged in a couple of days from the hospital and he is doing well.

Chinu stays in the hospital and he progress is being monitored. It takes about 8-10 days for the transplanted bone marrow to get activate in the recepients body and start generating cells. Her new marrow is still not active and the extenal antibiotics are acting as her immune system.

The doctors will carry out another test in a week after the new marrow is active and carry out the further procedures. I will update you about the new developments.

Thank you all for your help and all your prayers.





July 6 Updates:

Chinus' first cycle of Chemotherapy ended last a couple of days ago.The tests on the bone marrow revealed that the 1st cycle had a some effect on reducing the WBC count but it was not good enough to declare the 1st cycle a success.

Her Platelet counts had decreased and the decrease in the Platelets was suppletmented by Platelet Transfusion, which had to be from a non-related donor. We really are thankful to Mangesh for his invaluable donation.

The doctors have moved her to a sterilized room and have started a Second cycle on Intense Chemotherapy. This meant that she be moved to a sterilized room where no one is allowed to be with her except for one person who is also sterilized and has to be with her for about 12 hours.

All her books have to be sterilized for each and every page and same so do her puzzles and games.The medicines are too strong for her and she has a hard time having her food. She is given the required hydration externally through IV Fluids(Saline Solution).

The second cycle of Intense Chemotherapy will continue for a couple of weeks and then the next step will be depended on the results for the Second Cycle.