About Chinu: 

Chinu is a very cheerful, enthusiastic and a creative 13 year old girl. She was suddenly diagnosed for AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) about a couple of weeks ago and had to be moved to Pune for treatment.

Chinu is an avid reader and she spends most of her time reading story books. She loves to draw and she has already completed a couple of drawings. She now knows that she might have to stay in the hospital for a while and she has made herself strong. She gets bored and irritated because of the medicines and test and cyringes sometimes but tries to keep herself occupied by talking to people around. 

She speaks well on the phone and is always her cheerful self...

The doctors have started her treatment with the AML BFM 93 Protocol, which has a very high remission rate and has been proven to produce improved results in children.

The doctors have started the 1st course of Chemotherapy and Chinu seems to be responding well to the treatment.

They will perform the Bone Marrow Transplant next week or a week after that, depending on how her body responds to the 1st round of Chemotherapy she was given....

She will be getting the bone marrow from her younger brother...tests have shown a 100 % HLA match with her brother and it was a very big relief to all of us, given that the chances of a perfect HLA match is only 25%.

I have added some information about HLA matching on the second page..

I will keep you guys updated through the webpage. Thank you for your prayers and wishes.